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CrossFit L1 Certificate Training

The CrossFit L1 certificate course offers expert instruction on the CrossFit methodology through two days of classroom instruction, small-group training sessions, and coach-led workouts. The Level 1 environment and all aspects of the course are supportive of all levels of athletes, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced.

The course includes classroom instruction on:

CrossFit’s concepts and methodology, CrossFit’s foundational movements, programming to optimize training results, and nutrition strategies to support fitness.


Practicals include small group training sessions where participants are instructed in CrossFit’s foundational movements under low intensity with a focus on improving mechanics. Participant movement is refined. Additional focus is placed on identifying movement faults and applying corrective strategies for coaching others.


Large group CrossFit workouts are conducted as an example of the following: 


  • How to run a CrossFit class.

  • How to hold a standard of proper mechanics and coach others under high intensity.

  • How to scale for any ability level.

For trainers-to-be the purpose of the Level 1 Course is not to provide an exhaustive CrossFit education, but rather to provide an initial credential and foundation through which to gain expertise safely and effectively with practice and experience. The CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) credential is one of the requirements for becoming a CrossFit affiliate. However, earning the CF-L1 should not be considered the end of an education to be a trainer, but rather the beginning.

After completing this course and successfully passing the CrossFit Level 1 test, participants will be able to:

  • Define the core concepts of the CrossFit program.

  • Identify the primary points of performance of foundational and additional movements.

  • Identify violations of sound movement.

  • Apply appropriate corrections toward improved movement.

  • Apply the CrossFit program safely and effectively.

In 2010, the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Program became an accredited certificate program under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Accreditation means that ANSI ensures the Level 1 meets its stated goals, and CrossFit is subject to annual program audits for this purpose. CrossFit chose ANSI because it has a reputation as a leader and demonstrates rigor in accrediting programs.

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